P.S. One Last Ride

We rode to the Pacific Ocean today.

88 ocean 2

And then we officialy got to the “End of the Trail”……as per the statue…..or, maybe it is just the beginning……………………

88 end   88 end 2

Last Day (88) Start – Astoria, OR   End – Seaside, OR   Last Day’s Miles 27

TOTAL MILES – 4100.6


Day 87 – Yorktown, VA – Astoria, Or

One last day for scenic America…….


And then champagne at the end of the trail……

20140721_115039   87 silly hats

And a view from our motel room…….20140721_182458

Day 87 Start – Clatskanie, OR   End – Astoria, OR   Today’s Miles 40.9   Total Miles 4073.6


Day 85 – Stop and smell the roses

You’ve heard of “Where’s Waldo”.  Well here is a game of  “Where’s Xander”.  I made up this game while stopping to smell the roses at the Portland Rose Garden.

85 xander  Note: Xander is real.

Then we ran into young BMX riders being trained by a professional.  They were having a good time.

85 bmx 3  85 bmx 2

Day 85 Start – Portland, OR   End St. Helens, OR   Today’s Miles 33.3   Total Miles 3996.8



Day 83 – A perfect day for biking………

Glenn told me some of the best hiking in the states was through this section.  Well – the same can be said about biking.

We started today on an old scenic byway which was built for Model-T Fords.  83 byway 2  83 bridges 2

83 bridges  83 rock

The picture of the three bridges represent three different eras of road building.

If you got thirsty you could pull your Model-T over and get a drink at the water fountain that was installed in the 1920’s.  It still works – and it tastes good.

83 byway fountain  83 tunnel

After Bonneville Dam we hit a series of waterfalls.

83 bonneville dam  83 horsetail falls  83 montnomah falls

83 waterfall

Next up was a long, but gentle climb up to a vista.

83 vista

83 barry vista Marsha likes people pictures.  And Patti likes flowers.


83 lavender

Lastly, a picture from the deck of the houseboat we are staying at the next two nights.


Day 83 Start – Cascade Locks, OR   End – Portland, OR   Today’s Miles 50.9         Total Miles 3963.5




82 1/2 – Thanks Glenn

Brother Glenn told us to hike to a series of waterfalls on Eagle Creek Trail.  We were too tired after a day in the wind for that hike, but we did pick an easier hike to Elowah Falls.  Thanks for the idea.

82 elowah falls

Then we went to a fish hatchery where they were raising trout, salmon, and sturgeon.  The sturgeon were huge, but the only picture I took was of the Sequoia tree.82 sequoia


Day 82 – Out of the Arid Desert Climate


I got lucky on this photo.  I was stopped to take one last picture of Mt. Hood, when the Burlington Northern/Santa Fe came rolling by.


As you can see we’re back to green trees and air that has some humidity to it.

Day 82 Start – Murdock, WA   End – Cascade Locks, OR   Today’s Miles 48.6   Total Miles 3912.6